Dearest readers,

‘About’ is a rather difficult thing to tackle and thus I will provide you with some definition which may clarify your understanding of The Yak Shack.

The definition of shack is this;

-A roughly built hut or cabin

I suppose this is quite relevant to my Blog considering I am very nearly illiterate in computing and thus  My Blog page is rather ‘Roughly built’.  As for the hut part, I deem my blog a place of shelter for artists, actors, people who wear clothes, travellers and others who share in my love for the arts, clothing, travel and life. The Yak Shack is a place to call home if you will. I mean lets face it, as artist we should really get used to the idea of home being a hut rather than a mansion.

The definition for Yak is as follows;

-A large domesticated wild ox  with shaggy hair, humped shoulders, and large horns,.

-A trivial or unduly persistent conversation.

I hope that you do not view this blog as am ‘unduly persistent conversation’ but I can make no promises in that regard. Unfortunately I am struggling  to link my blog to a large domesticated wild ox. However!! What I can say is that Yakovina is my surname hence my shack is called The YAK shack. It is also called that because it rhymes and sounds somewhat cool.

So finally,  welcome to The large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, humped shoulders and large horns roughly built hut or cabin (The Yak Shack). I do hope you enjoy my unduly persistent conversation about art, drama, travel and alike.

Much love,



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